LifeCoach Massage

Solutions to life's problems are more readily available to a
relaxed mind & body.

What is a LifeCoach Massage?

Spiritual * Intuitive* Relaxing

Reviews & testimonials: 
"This place is amazing. ..
Kim was the woman doing my massage and I was impressed by her professional yet carefree air. Always keeping it pc, she was very up front about what she was doing and did everything in her power to make sure I was comfortable. Yes, this is her job, but none the less, she was very informative about what was in her lotion (her own blend of vitamin e and sesame seed oil) which was important to me because I'm allergic to a lot of things. She knew how the sheets were washed (no allergens there either) and she was even willing to work with you if you wanted to keep your clothing on (which, to me, defeats the effectiveness of the massage, however, it was nice to be informed.

As for the massage itself? It was great. I have had chronic back pain since I was very small and very few things have given me relief over the years. But her hands are like magic, honestly. While there were a few moments I felt pain (it had been a while since I'd had a massage and my lower backed is almost always wrecked), it always went away within a few moments of informing her and the slightest shift of her hands. What made it even better was you could almost feel the positive energy flowing off of her. This is her art. Her profession. And the best part? She was doing donation only massages that day to raise money for the victims of the tornado in Oklahoma. Overall, you could just hear in her soft toned voice that she loved what she did for a living and she loved it because she could help others through it..."
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"...such authenticity...very illuminating and compelling. "-Jim G.  Cleveland


When is the last time you've been truly heard?  Touched with warmth and sincerity?  Comfortable, relaxed, and calm?

If you desire a spiritual relaxation massage experience that will leave you feeling joyful in not only your body, but your mind and soul as well , then value yourself by scheduling your LifeCoach Massage today.
Need someone to talk to?

I'm here for you. Life coaching is a practice that helps people identify goals, and any obstacles to those goals.  We work together to get you to the life you want.

Whether it's a devastating breakup or problems on the job, I'm here to listen.

 Combine life coaching with a nurturing relaxation massage and you will find yourself entering an oasis of serenity where you are free to let go of your worries to a trained, non-judgmental ear.

Soothe away your stress with candles and soothing music while you receive a blissful relaxation massage and have the freedom to talk about whatever may be on your mind.

Relaxation is the key to solving the pressing issues that cloud our busy minds.

Get rid of your stress by scheduling your LifeCoach Massage today.